You can either freeze or dry the fruit.

You can either freeze or dry the fruit.

Read here what to look out for when buying sea buckthorn, as well as tips on storage and use.

These types of fruit are suitable for your garden
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Buying sea buckthorn: no easy task

If you want to buy fresh sea buckthorn, you will quickly notice: The bright orange of the berries rarely catches your eye in the supermarket and at the weekly markets. Instead, numerous sea buckthorn products are available all year round, such as juices, liqueurs, sweets or jams.

If you have your own shrub in the garden, you have a clear advantage. But even if you don’t, you don’t have to do without the vitamin-rich fruits: Sea buckthorn is wild fruit and also grows in the wild – sea buckthorn occurs wild, especially in the Alps or in dunes in coastal areas. Please note, however, that the sea buckthorn is under species protection and therefore no branches may be broken off during harvest.

Another alternative to buying or picking sea buckthorn are so-called sea buckthorn plantations. There you will not only learn interesting facts about the sea buckthorn harvest, but you can also participate in some of the harvest.

Storing sea buckthorn: what to look out for

If you have found what you are looking for and have obtained fresh sea buckthorn, you can either process the berries into delicious delicacies or store them. Note, however, that fresh sea buckthorn does not have a long shelf life. So store the berries properly so that they don’t spoil too quickly. You can either freeze or dry the fruit. Tip for the frost method: Let the fruits freeze briefly on a plate or tray before putting them in a freezer bag in the freezer compartment. That way, the berries won’t freeze together later.

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Using sea buckthorn: tips

Sea buckthorn berries are not one of the classic fruits that are suitable for biting into. Freshly picked they taste very sour, but can be processed into real delicacies in numerous great recipes. For example, you can use the fruits to prepare jam and jelly, which you then refine with other fruits. Or you can try your hand at making a syrup or juice.

The history of barbecuing is closely related to the evolution of mankind. Probably only through the discovery of fire could man develop into the dominant living being on this planet.

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People were grilling their food as early as the Stone Age

The oldest fireplace that was probably used for cooking was found by researchers in China. But probably people discovered the art of grilling in many places at the same time. Cooked food was more digestible and therefore represented a decisive advantage over raw food. The history of grilling probably began with simple pieces of meat that were held on skewers over an open fire. But soon pits were dug to use the indirect heat or even to cook soups. (Smoking chips for grilling add even more flavor)

The story of barbecuing continues

Even today, in the age of induction hobs and molecular cuisine, many people still prefer the charcoal grill. The fireplaces are always optimized and prepared for new taste experiences. However, the original aroma of the smoke is still part of a real barbecue experience. (Grill lighter: make a fire easily and safely)

With a little manual skill, you can build a grill yourself. The building material brick is particularly suitable for this. It is easy to work with and also looks very good.

Tips for a perfect barbecue
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Basics for building a grill yourself

Building a grill yourself has the advantage that you can build it the way you want it. You can let your creativity run free in terms of shape and color. To build a grill in your garden, for example on the terrace, you need, among other things, mortar or heat-resistant fireclay mortar, bricks, sand, gravel, concrete or a concrete slab and a joint iron. You also need a spirit level, a paddle, a guide line and a straight edge. Of course, the trowel should not be missing for walls. Gloves do their job to protect the skin.

The first step is the foundation. To do this, you either have to embed a prefabricated floor slab in the ground or pour a concrete slab yourself. According to the Obi hardware store, the plate should be about 15 centimeters thick. The size of the base plate depends on how large the footprint of your grill should be.

First steps

The desired size of the grill grate is also relevant. So you must first determine these dimensions. For example, a grate area of ​​60 by 40 centimeters is practical. In order to determine the exact outer dimensions of the grill, you can add the depth of the bricks that form the frame to the grate area.

When the foundation is ready, you can start building. For the first layer, apply a bed of mortar on which the first stones are placed. Before setting up, a little mortar is also applied to each stone head. The spirit level and the straight edge help to wall the row of stones straight. Each additional row is bricked in an offset manner.

Firm hold for the grill grate

Smooth out the grout in each row with the grout. Finally, immediately remove the remaining cement film that has formed during the grouting with a wet sponge. You can either wall the brackets for the grillage directly between the bricks at the desired height or attach them after the masonry has dried.

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In the latter case, for example, you can attach several screws to the inside of the grill, on which the grate will later lie. For inspiration, you will find numerous building instructions on the Internet for building a grill yourself. You can find tips and suggestions, for example, on the websites of large DIY chains.

French fries are one of the most popular side dishes in the world. Children in particular like to eat the potato sticks so much that they are enough on their own as a main course. You do not necessarily have to use frozen goods that you have bought. You can also make your own crispy fries.

Trendy vegetables – are sweet potatoes healthier than potatoes?

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Why make french fries yourself?

By making the fries yourself, you can not only save a lot of expenses. In the best case scenario, you will also increase the quality of your food, since home-cooked food tastes best and you have full control over the amount of fat and the selection of ingredients and spices. Your children will also enjoy the cooking process when they see that fries don’t actually adultfriebdfinder come out of plastic bags or the kitchens of well-known fast-food chains.

Take an hour to go from the raw potato to the finished French fries in the oven. Since making your own fries is quite simple, there are also opportunities for your children to help cook or to take on some tasks under your supervision.

Ingredients required (for about 4 servings)

To make french fries yourself in the oven, you need the following ingredients:

Approx. 1 kilogram of waxy potatoes or sweet potatoes, 4 to 5 tablespoons of oil, French spices (as desired): salt, pepper, rosemary, garlic, parsley, paprika (noble sweet).

(For his Tuscan fries, celebrity chef Tim Mälzer recommends rosemary and garlic as well as pepper, thyme and sea salt on his website).

Make french fries yourself: preparation

Pre-cook the potatoes in salted water for ten minutes (sweet potatoes do not need to be pre-cooked), then drain the potatoes. Then peel the (sweet) potatoes and cut them into small sticks about one centimeter thick. For crispy fries, “Essen-und-Trinken” recommends thin potato strips in its online edition: “The thicker you cut the fries, the juicier your fries will be.”

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Make french fries yourself in the oven

Mix the (sweet) potato strips with the oil, either by placing them in a bowl filled with oil or by brushing them with a brush. Instead of pure oil, you can also use your own mixture with your French fries. Line up the potato strips next to one another on an oven tray lined with baking paper. Slide the tray into an oven preheated to around 200 degrees with convection or top / bottom heat. Depending on your preference, you should bake the (sweet) potatoes for about 20-30 minutes. You can also turn the strips after approx. 15 minutes to achieve an even tan on both sides. This is recommended when baking with top / bottom heat.Sprinkle the fries with salt or mix the fries in a bowl with salt and your seasoning mixture. Your homemade french fries are now ready!

There is usually still no suitable wine to go with a good meal. But sometimes it is not that easy to find the right wine. Find out what really matters in the following wine selection tips.

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Matching wine with the meal

As a rule, red wine should not be served with sushi or shellfish. In the past, red wine was generally not served with fish. With a few exceptions, this has changed. Because sometimes a cold red wine goes particularly well with a fish dish, especially if it is heartily prepared.

If you are looking for a good wine to go with a meal, you should make sure that it does not obscure the taste of the food. Rather, it is the task of the wine to emphasize the taste a little more. It can be helpful to find out similarities between the wine and the dish.

The right wine is crucial

The right wine glass must be selected so that a wine can fully develop its bouquet. But even here you can get advice from a specialist wine advisor. You can’t usually go wrong with a bulbous glass. In order for the bouquet to develop its aroma, the glass should not be filled more than 2/3 under any circumstances.

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In addition, a wine always needs the right temperature.

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