Accusations you place forth about lesbian lesbophobia and erasure in specific.

Accusations you place forth about lesbian lesbophobia and erasure in specific.

We don’t think this ended up being instance of escalation by others, and I also don’t think other people’s escalation would justify the accusations you place forth about lesbian erasure and lesbophobia in specific. Laura R. ended up being diplomatic. Queer Girl wasn’t aggressive.

They simply disagreed with you. Looking throughout the feedback actually leaves me personally with all the summary you are the main one who escalated the tone of the conversation. In very first comment you write “All females are bisexual by default?” which hit me personally as reasonably hyperbolic. You have got extrapolated the potentially erroneous recognition for this one homosexual character to imply that the list’s authors think each queer ladies are bisexual by standard. That’s super protective and unnecessary. And yes, it is obnoxious to choose this battle during bi exposure week and also to ensure it is greatly a battle. You might be the main one who’s got both accused Autostraddle as well as other commenters of lesbian erasure/lesbophobia AND assumed that they’re accusing you of biphobia in change, but whom called you biphobic? Provided your commentary about bi fandoms attacking individuals, we wonder if perchance you’ve carried throughout the energy off their fandom fights as a context where it doesn’t use.

I don’t assume that the lesbian wouldn’t are having issues with bi erasure because We myself have always been a lesbian that has a challenge with bi erasure. But if you can point to comments you’ve made here in which you object to bi erasure as aggressively and dramatically as this alleged case of lesbian erasure because you point the finger at bisexuals by singling out their fandoms for bad behaviour, that makes me wonder.

you are invited to show me personally incorrect by giving screenshots of a right time whenever say, someone utilized ‘lesbian’ to spell it out Evan Rachel Wood’s fashion feeling and also you had been this indignant and protective about bi erasure.

We as well as other those who called out of the addition of Waverly with this list had been literally called shitty by the individual you describe as diplomatic, that was the true point whenever I stopped being good. Funny how you’re OK with that but need as any proof from me an evidence of my good will, expecting I’ll spend hours looking for and making screenshots of my words and upload it to some server just so you would say it doesn’t matter anyway because you don’t see it. In the same way being called that is“shitty “diplomatic behavior” in this alt truth.

And that’s exactly just exactly what angers me personally probably the most about that situation. Gaslighting and dual requirements. Calling away detailing as bisexual the smoothness who’s very likely homosexual as she also utilized the term to explain by herself is definitely an attack on bisexual individuals now (that’s why we pointed out insinuation of biphobia in addition, but of program we bet you didn’t view it in that way either the same as title calling is diplomatic) and then we should not have any difficulty because “who’s harmed by that”. Then description that is harmful because lesbian presence is with in really bad state of course contributes to accusation that referring to lesbians is hi jacking bi exposure week. You probably don’t see any nagging issue for the reason that?

Plus one of the very disingenuous arguments, we you will need to forbid bi fans from seeing Wav as bi because a write-up for a site that is renowned at queer ladies is simply the just like an impression of an admirer! Except it is maybe perhaps maybe not. When individuals see it they’ll get an impact so it’s already formal. Which often can lead to huge strain on the article writers and showrunners to stick to that even if it is perhaps not whatever they planned, or they’ll face the fan wrath. And that is really shitty.

Offered the time you’re taking to argue that that isn’t a grudge carried over from a bi/lesbian fandom war but really a basic argument from an individual who is reasonable to all or any, i believe it is significantly more than fair for me personally to inquire about one to straight back that claim up. You don’t need a screenshot, simply copy/paste something accusatory you’ve written re:bisexual erasure and url to this article it is from.

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